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Jeremiah Johnson

Premiere Guide



Motivated by:

Favorite fish to catch:

Smallmouth Bass

Favorite fish to eat:

Walleye, fried

First fish ever caught:

Sunfish, age 5

A Bit About Me

Welcome to the world of angling with Jeremiah Johnson, a seasoned fish guide whose love for fishing runs deep.


Jeremiah's journey began amidst the serene countryside, where the gentle flow of a backyard creek served as his playground. In those formative years, fishing wasn't just a pastime; it was a way of life—a constant companion that fueled his passion.


As Jeremiah grew, so did his affection for the art of angling, particularly for trout and sunfish. Every cast, every tug on the line, strengthened his bond with the water and its inhabitants.


This bond transcended generations as Jeremiah passed on his love for fishing to his son, forging unforgettable memories on the shimmering surface of lakes and rivers. Together, they find solace and excitement in pursuing the elusive largemouth and smallmouth bass, weaving tales of triumph and camaraderie with each catch.


With over two decades of experience navigating the waters, Jeremiah has honed his skills to become a premier guide, specializing in the pursuit of smallmouth bass. His expertise is unparalleled, especially on the vast expanse of Mille Lacs Lake, where he has spent countless hours unraveling its mysteries.


Jeremiah's dedication and proficiency have not gone unnoticed, earning him a place in the spotlight on esteemed platforms like the Outdoor Channel. Featured on shows such as Strike King: Pro Team Journal and Strike King: Fish Hard, Jeremiah shares his knowledge and passion with a global audience, inspiring fellow anglers to explore the boundless wonders of the fishing world.


Embark on an unforgettable angling adventure with Jeremiah Johnson, where every cast holds the promise of excitement, camaraderie, and the thrill of the catch.

Jeremiah Johnson is proudly sponsored by Nitro Performance Fishing Boats, Lew's, Strike King, Battle Born Batteries, Bass Pro Shop, McQuoid's Inn and Power Pole Shallow Water Anchor.

Our Sponsors Jeremiah Johnson Lew's, Strike King, McQuoids, Bass Pro Shop, Battle Batteries, Pole

Let's go fishing

Ready to reel in unforgettable memories?

Happy female client with a large fish she caught with Jeremiah on Mille Lacs
Happy male client with a large fish he caught with Jeremiah on Mille Lacs

🎣 Ready to reel in unforgettable memories on the shimmering waters of Mille Lacs Lake? Look no further! Embark on an angling adventure of a lifetime with Jeremiah Johnson, your trusted professional fishing guide.


🌊 Cast your worries aside as you step aboard Jeremiah's top-of-the-line Nitro Z21 XL Fishing Boat, equipped with all the essentials for an exhilarating day on the water. With Jeremiah's 20+ years of experience navigating these legendary waters, you're in for a thrilling journey to the best fishing spots Mille Lacs has to offer.


🐟 Whether you're a seasoned angler or casting your very first line, Jeremiah's expert guidance and personalized approach ensure an unforgettable experience tailored to your skill level and preferences. From targeting trophy smallmouth bass to chasing elusive walleye, Jeremiah's intimate knowledge of the lake's ecosystem guarantees a day filled with excitement and success.


🌞 Soak in the beauty of Minnesota's stunning landscapes as you bask in the warm sun and cool breeze, surrounded by the tranquility of nature. With Jeremiah's passion for fishing and commitment to creating unforgettable memories, every moment spent on the water is a testament to the joy of angling.


📆 Don't let this opportunity slip away—book your fishing trip with Jeremiah Johnson today and embark on a journey filled with camaraderie, excitement, and the thrill of the catch. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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